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  • Ka-Bar Cutlass Machete

    Ka-Bar Black Cutlass Machete

    The Ka-Bar Black Cutlass Machete is a perfect tool to have around a camp. It is is more the size of a large knife, but it works like a machete; it is excellent at chopping branches and splitting wood. Related Posts Woodmans Pal Premium Machete …

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  • Ka-Bar Kukri Machete

    Ka-Bar Kukri Machete

    The Ka-Bar Kukri Machete is a very good Kukri for clearing brush around a campsite but that’s not all; it also has a nice tactical quality to it. Here is a video of the Ka-Bar Kurkri Machete up close: Related Posts Cold Steel Latin Machete …

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  • KA-BAR US Navy Fighting Knife

    KA-BAR US Navy Fighting/Utility Knife Straight Edge

    The KA-BAR US Navy Fighting Knife is a military grade survival knife that is built to last. You will appreciate the craftsmanship of this knife  as soon as you hold one in your hand. Great for close quarter combat and throwing too. For the price …

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