Emergency Ponchos

Top Choices for: ‘Emergency Ponchos’

  • Pacific Poncho

    Pacific Poncho, Unisex (Navy)

    These Pacific Poncho’s by Charles River Apparel are well made, lightweight ponchos that you will probably love. They use a heat-sealed polyurethane that is bonded to a knit backing and heat sealed seems to make them 100% waterproof. This wonderful poncho also packs into its own …

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  • Emergency Zone Poncho

    Emergency Poncho, Emergency Zone® Brand

    These Emergency Zone Ponchos are inexpensive, lightweight, and don’t take up much room. These are a good candidate for all emergency kits.

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  • Coleman Emergency Poncho

    Coleman Emergency Poncho – 1 Poncho – Assorted colors

    These small, lightweight Coleman emergency ponchos are perfect for small, lightweight emergency kits. They are less sturdy than some emergency ponchos, but they are lighter and take up less space too–making them ideal for people who like to travel light.

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  • Military Surplus Swiss Poncho

    Swiss Military Surplus Used Poncho

    These used Swiss Military Surplus rain ponchos are very sturdy and should last you for years of use. They might not be for super lightweight survival kits, but are perfect for car kits, home kits, and larger bug out bags.

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