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  • Cooking with Sunshine

    Cooking with Sunshine: The Complete Guide to Solar Cuisine

    Cooking with Sunshine is a great book on the subject of building and cooking with a solar oven. Whether  you want to build your own solar oven or you simply need recipes for cooking on a your solar stove that you purchased, this is a …

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  • Global Sun Oven - Solar Cooker

    Global Sun Oven – Solar Cooker

    The Global Sun Oven is the worlds most popular solar oven. It is designed to last for decades and is currently being used in different climates all over the world. Here is a quick video covering the Global Sun Oven:

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  • SOS Sport Solar Oven

    SOS Sport Solar Oven Combo Kit

    The Sport Solar Oven is a lightweight, well built solar oven that comes as a complete kit: oven, pots, thermometer, manual, recipe booklet, and a WAPI (water pasteurization indicator.) This Solar oven will be a great addition to your emergency preparedness gear.

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  • Solar Cooking for Home and Camp by Linda Frederick Yaffe

    Solar Cooking for Home and Camp

    Solar Cooking for Home and Camp by Linda Frederick Yaffe is an  instructional book that teaches several ways to make your own solar oven, along with some great recipe ideas for your solar stove. If you are into preparedness or doomsday survival, this is information …

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